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Strategically position decorative lamps (sold separately) in your dining room, then insert and light these fuel cartridges within those lamps to create a unique ambiance. Great for use at your restaurant, catered event, or outdoor dining space, this liquid candle fuel cartridge instantly adds a soft glow, transforming your space into a warm and hospitable area. Best of all, once finished this cartridge is disposable for further convenience.

Minimizes Mess
Each safe, liquid paraffin fuel cartridge provides a real, flickering flame without the mess or danger of traditional wax candles. There's also less risk of spillage thanks to the durable plastic PET material and aluminum top plate sealing the cartridge. Consider using these fuel cartridges as a replacement for tea lights and votives and eliminate the unappealing presentation of distorted, melted wax.

50 Hour Burn Time
Each cartridge uses highly refined liquid paraffin lamp fuel and can burn for up to 50 hours before needing to be replaced. Paraffin fuel is smokeless and scentless, so guests won't be disturbed by unpleasant fumes or smoke during their meal.

Leola Candle
Create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your business with the glow of a Leola Candle fuel cartridge, tealight, votive, or tapered candle! From tabletops in a fine dining setting to hanging lanterns at an outdoor wedding, the candles from Leola Candle are crafted to enhance their surrounding environment. Plus, the range of burn times available and the budget-friendly prices provide the practicality you need to create the ambiance you want.

  • Height: 3 1/4 Inches
  • Bottom Diameter: 2 5/16 Inches
  • Maximum Diameter: 2 5/16 Inches
  • Burn Time: 50 Hr.
  • Type: Fuel Cartridges