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Perfect for avoiding the unsanitary contamination of food these Light Brown Lightweight Hairnets with extra-tight weave, minimize the chances of hair falling into food while cooking or serving. They are latex-free and made from fire retardant pure nylon netting. Being completely breathable, they are amazingly comfortable to wear over extended periods of time. These hairnets are ideal for use in health care facilities, restaurants, or food processing units.  

  • NYLON CONSTRUCTION: These hairnets are made from 100 percent nylon netting. They are lightweight, breathable and made without latex. A great option for anyone who has an aversion to latex.
  • MINIMIZE THE RISK of having hair fall into food while cooking or serving. These hairnets help keep hair of the wearer's eyes, and out of the food.
  • BREATHABLE: These hairnets are lightweight, and breathable. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
  • SIZING: These hairnets are 24". This same style is available in 28".
  • CREATE SANITARY AND PROTECTED WORK ENVIRONMENTS: Using hairnets is an easy way to create a more sanitary work environment. These are perfect for work areas where hair protection is encouraged or required. Can be used in restaurants, food production facilities, healthcare facilities and more.