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Featuring a roll of 1000 labels for each day of the week, these Noble Products removable day of the week labels keep your food up-to-date! Great for First In, First Out (FIFO) organization of any perishable items, these 1" round labels each feature their own colored print and border on a white background, making them easy to identify in any kitchen. Plus, with these labels you can more easily adhere to health code standards by creating a proper labeling system.

Easily Removable
Thanks to the removable nature of these labels, you simply need to pull them off when it is time to change the date. This means you can safely put these labels on any food storage container without worrying that it will be permanently marked up. For optimal and easy removal, avoid getting the label wet. It works best to remove it in dry conditions.

Customized Labeling
A blank space lets you clearly write initials or dates for tracking. Plus, since these already have the day of the week printed, each label saves your staff time!

Trilingual Label
This trilingual label features each day of the week written in French, Spanish, and English. Perfect for international use or multilingual restaurants.

Mild Adhesive
These labels are made with a mild adhesive that won't leave a residue, so you don't have to worry about it building up in your drains. This will not only save your pipes, but also your bottom line!

  • Diameter: 1 Inches
  • Design: Day of the Week
  • Material: Paper
  • Shape: Round
  • Style: Printed
  • Type: Removable Labels