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Concentrated blend of acids and detergents this product tackles the really tough jobs It will remove rust, lime and scale from hard non-porous surfaces. Since it does not contain harsh sulfuric acids it will not harm floors or drains Designed to remove soap scum and body oils from shower stalls restroom floors and swimming pools this product is formulated to also remove water minerals and lime scale This mild acid detergent cleans and brightens aluminum and magnesium stainless steel copper and chrome It can also be used to prepare steel or aluminum for painting

Concentrated for economical and effective end-use dilutions. Removes soap scum, body oils/grease from bathrooms, showers, and swimming pools. Removes salt residues and neutralizes floors after intense strip jobs.

  • Acid type Phosphoric
  • Color Yellow
  • Detergency Excellent
  • Foaming Moderate
  • Fragrance Characteristic
  • pH <1.0
  • Specific gravity 1.18
  • Wetting Very good