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This 2 1/2" long black beer tap handle offers a simple, sturdy, and economical solution for building a custom line of taps at your new bar, or for replacing that trusty beer dispenser handle that poured its last pint! It features a universal thread design so that you can install it on just about any tap out there, while a plastic body gives it a sleek, subtle look that won't break the bank.

Universal Design
This handle is a direct replacement for the one on your Avantco beer dispenser and it can be used on standard U.S. beer faucet lever threads for universal compatibility. This lets it fit just about any standard tap out there with ease.

Black Plastic Construction
Custom tap handles add visual appeal to your bar, but they can take up extra space and obstruct your bartender's ability to converse with patrons, depending on your setup. This tap features a simple, black plastic design that won't take up space and is very cost-effective to replace, should the need arise. And if you want to change out your beer selection, you can continue to use the same tap handle instead of having to switch to a new one for each new brewery or beer.