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For any bar, restaurant, or event serving cocktails, particularly mint juleps, this 6 1/8" stainless steel julep strainer is perfect for you! Add just the right amount of mint and lemon to your refreshingly classic mint juleps with this stainless steel julep strainer. The julep strainer provides a bowl shape that will fit snuggly over cocktail glasses, while allowing liquid to pass through its holes. Be sure to strain out the unwanted, finer ingredients, such as herbs, that are not wanted in your cocktails! From mint julep pieces to lemon seeds, this strainer is sure to catch them all, resulting in a refreshing, smooth cocktail!

Made of stainless steel, this strainer is extremely durable and easy to clean. Its material makeup prevents acid corrosion- a must-have for cocktails containing fruit or other acidic ingredients. Not only does this strainer keep herbs out of your drinks, its wide, perforated surface is great for straining ice as well so your martinis aren't watered down upon serving! Be sure to properly stock your bar supply and invest in a julep strainer today!

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Round
  • Style: Julep Strainer
  • Type: Cocktail Strainers