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Nestlé Coffee-mate Original powdered coffee creamer is a timeless classic. Its deliciously rich, velvety smooth flavor will enhance customer and employee satisfaction, and enrich your coffee offer with a touch of differentiation. It blends quickly and seamlessly with both hot and cold beverages, making it the perfect mate for any beverage. Simply flip, pour and stir in your favorite powdered Nestlé Coffee-mate delight for a consistently creamy sip that’s beyond compare.

Nestlé Coffee-mate Original powdered coffee creamers offer an easy and cost-effective solution to perking up your coffee offer with flavor and customization. The canisters’ compact design makes them a perfect fit for any workplace, breakroom or kitchen, and their unique flip-top makes them easy to pour, hassle-free and hygiene friendly.

These products can retain their irresistible flavor for up to 24 months.