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Combining a tart and tangy taste, this syrup makes the perfect mixer for use in specialty drinks and creative cocktails. Plus, the convenient packaging makes it easy to refill your dispensers for continued service of this popular drink.

Offering plenty of flavorful beverage, soda, and juice options, Narvon combines the flavors you need with the price you want. Narvon syrups are perfect for movie theatres, bars, hotels, diners, fast food operations, pizza shops, sandwich shops, and take out stations. They're also ideal for employee breakrooms in busy office settings.

Easy to Use
Narvon syrups are easy to use with a convenient bag-in-box styling, plus the bag and box are recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option, too. Each 5 gallon bag in box will yield approximately 480 (1.33 fl. oz. or 39 mL) servings per box when used with a bar gun. Simply calibrate your dispenser to mix 2 parts syrup with 1 part liquor. Your dispenser will dispense only the desired amount to mix a drink, minimizing waste while maximizing profits.

Narvon syrups are interchangeable with other beverage products; an adapter is needed to use this product with some machines. When using Narvon bag in box beverages, it is recommended that your beverage dispenser include a cold plate that will chill your carbonated water and syrups before dispensing. This helps to maintain the CO2 so that the beverage holds its flavor and does not develop a flat taste immediately.

Adapting Narvon Bag in Box Syrups to Servend Dispensers
Use you favorite Narvon bag-in-box beverage flavors with your Servend beverage dispenser. See how easy it is to adapt your dispenser in order to use these bag-in-box flavors.

  • Flavor: Lemon
  • Kosher: Yes
  • Package Size: 5 gal.
  • Style: Bag in Box
  • Type: Soda Syrups