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DCCPL4N / PORTION CUP LID / 3.25 OZ, 4 OZ, 5.5 OZ (125/20/2,500)

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SOLO® TP7-0090, TP9C-0090, Y7RH-0100, T325-0090, T400-0090, URC55-0090, P325E-0001, P325R-0011, P400R, P400E-0001, URR55-0001, P325-0100, P400-0100, UR55-0100, P325W-0007

Solo Cup Company No-Slot Plastic Cup Lids, 3.25-9oz Cups, Clear, 100/Sleeve, 25 Sleeves/Carton

  • Global Product Type: Cup Lids-Portion Cup
  • Fits: 3.25-9 oz. Cups
  • Material(s): Plastic
  • Color(s): Clear
  • Quantity: 2500 per carton