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Help keep your business sanitary with the Marathon Mechanical Paper Towel Dispenser. It's easy to maintain, as well as to install.

Why Use the Marathon Mechanical Paper Towel Dispenser?
With hands-free operation, this paper towel dispenser helps reduce the spread of germs. It's terrific for extended service intervals and steady traffic areas. This dispenser features a durable construction and a side cover that's see-through, making it simple to monitor for refills. It can hold up to 700' of paper towels when used with the Marathon Dispenser Paper Towels Roll (sold separately) with soft, absorbent sheets that are also great for hand drying. In a black color, this unit can blend in with most office decors. The no-touch, one-at-a-time dispensing is ideal for minimizing waste. This dispenser will keep the paper towels dry, clean and hygienic.

Where Should I Place the Marathon Mechanical Paper Towel Dispenser?
This paper towel dispenser can be placed in a variety of locations around a business. It's great for bathroom areas, letting employees, customers and visitors dry their hands appropriately. This paper towel dispenser is also ideal for breakrooms and cleanup areas in food service facilities where washing hands is essential.

Economical and Time-Saving
Reliable, this towel dispenser is a wonderful option for businesses to save on the purchase of disposable paper towel products by cutting down on waste since only one sheet comes out of the unit at a time. It can be refilled effortlessly by just opening up the unit and placing another roll inside. This allows you to spend less time trying to figure out what goes where and more time on the needs of your operation.

  • GLOBAL PRODUCT TYPE: Towel Dispensers-Roll
  • MATERIAL(S): Plastic
  • TOWEL DISPENSER TYPE: Mechanical Paper Towel Dispenser
  • CAPACITY: 1 Roll
  • WIDTH: 16.100"
  • HEIGHT: 12.900"
  • DEPTH: 8.900"
  • ROLL SIZE: Dispenses up to 700 ft of paper towels
  • COLOR: Black