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If you have an existing beverage machine but want to save beverage costs and switch to serving our selection of Narvon drink syrups, this adapter makes it easy to do so! With this system you'll be able to cut down on beverage costs and serve about 640 (7 oz.) servings of soda or juice from just one 5 gallon bag in box.

Easy to Use
Allowing you to easily serve flavors from classic cola to unsweetened ice tea, this adapter hooks up between your beverage dispensing machine and the bag in box soda container for a mess-free connection. All it takes is a few twists, and your adapter is set up and ready to help you serve economical, refreshing beverages!

Enables a Great Beverage Variety
Keep your customers satisfied with a wide beverage selection. This adapter enables you to serve lemonade, fruit punch, cream soda, ginger ale and other flavors to diversify your beverage offerings easily, quickly, and for less money than leading brands cost.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Adapters