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Too many spot removers only work on spots that you could practically rinse away with plain water. We created Formula 806 to remove the stains that seem irremovable. Think fat, butter, lipstick, blood, sweat and tears. It works well on all these while still being friendly to you, the environment, and your fabrics including cotton, polyester and most other common fabrics. And it's also color safe. So you can once again wear that favourite dress you haven't put on since crabfest.

A mixture of hydrophobic and hydrophilic solvents, and nonionic surfactants make for excellent oil and grease removal as well as certain cosmetic stains
A special organic chemical that's especially effective in removal of plastic-based stains such as plastic glues and adhesives, lacquers and polyurethanes, and paint and adhesive stains
The protease enzymes present aid in the removal of tough protein-based and/or baked-in stains and blood, while the lipase enzymes are especially effective in removing fatty stains such as lipstick, frying fats and butter, and the tough stains on collars and cuffs containing human sebum

  • Color: Light Tan
  • Composition: nonylphenol ethoxylate, dipropylene glycol monomethylether, 1-butoxy 2-propanol, citrus terpene, pentyl acetate, lipase, esperase
  • Container Size: 1 qt
  • Density: 1.01
  • Flash Point: >190 deg F
  • Form: Liquid
  • Fragrance: Organic with Citrus Under Tone
  • Item: All Purpose Pre-treatment
  • Sub Brand: Formula 806
  • Type: Enzyme Based
  • Viscosity: 3500 - 4000 cSt
  • pH Rating: 6 - 8